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Why Didn't You Adopt From The U.S.A.?

If I got a nickle every time I am asked that question...

"Because my sons were in Uganda", is my standard answer. Well, it's my answer when I can sense the underlying meaning behind the question for some, which is, "We have children right here in the U.S. that need homes. Why didn't you take care of our own?" As if somehow living in the United States makes a child more worthy of a family.

Sadly this "me first" mentality pervades our country in far more areas than adoption. There's this idea that God loves America more than anywhere else. The one problem with that of course is, IT'S COMPLETELY FALSE! John 3:16 says "For God so loved the WORLD..." Not, for God so loved the United States!

Jesus came for orphans in Uganda, refugees from Syria, terrorists in Iraq, immigrants from Mexico, and foster children from America. God's love is intended for the whole world! Jesus wasn't from the U.S.A. and He didn't speak English but His sacrifice made salvation possible for those of us that do along with everyone else! THANK YOU JESUS!

So to answer the real question, "why didn't you take care of one of our own?" The answer is, we did. They are all our own because we are all children of God. God gave Luke and I the heart and resources for international adoption. God gives others the heart and resources for domestic adoption. It's all beautiful, it's all important, and it all belongs to God!

May God Bless The WORLD!

I'm just sayin...

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