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I don't know how to blog! Can we just be serious? Blogging is for smart, creative, and interesting people. I had to use "build a blog for dummies" (Ok that's not a real thing, but you get my drift)! I'm just a Jesus loving pastor's wife and mama of 5 who is relying on God's grace everyday and tripping a whole lot along the way!

So why the blog? Well, this crazy thing keeps happening every time I am vulnerable and real with people. They share with me how comforted they feel knowing they aren't alone. Women share with me that realizing the "pastor's wife" isn't perfect gives them permission not to be either. I'm asked to share more so they can feel further connected to someone who understands.

So why not just use Facebook you might ask? Well, I don't think everyone on my friends list is interested in all the craziness that comes out of this brain of mine! But I wanted a space for those that may want to connect deeper and laugh with (or at) me along the way!

So grab a coffee and lets do this thing! Ya never know what's gonna happen next...I'm Just Sayin...

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