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I Know You're Weird, But So Am I!

We are all weird! Ok!? We just are! Here are some of the weirdest things about me in no particular order...

🛌🏿 I can't sleep with any limbs hanging over the side of the bed because I feel like someone (or something) is going to grab me!

🚽 I can't pee in a toilet that already has pee in it. Even if it's from a family member.

🍗 I won't eat meat off of a bone.

🥩 I have to get a friend to cut up raw meat for me.

🥵 I'm never comfortable. Never! I'm always hot or cold.

🐳 I'm terrified of whales even though I've never seen one.

🥛 My Chick-Fil-A tea order is "Unsweet with a tiny splash of sweet" and I motion to show the length of time the sweet tea should pour.

👃🏿I like picking the boogers out of my kids noses because it makes me feel like they are cleaner.

🐜 2 years ago when Mya had lice, the OCD in me actually enjoyed combing piece by piece through her hair, finding the nits, and pulling them out.

😀 I use my earring to pick food out of my teeth

There ya have it! I'm weird! Hopefully this makes you feel better about your weirdness too!

I'm just sayin...

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